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Social Media Marketing Packages

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Social Media Marketing Packages

Our social media marketing plans offer various ways to increase the size of your business by implementing results-driven strategies. Below, we present some of our most popular Social Media Marketing Packages that meet many of our client’s requirements. We also provide customized social media marketing plans specifically designed for your company.



An affordable solution to Social Media Marketing growth that is ideal for start-ups and small businesses.

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Keystone components: Modern, cutting-edge social strategies, all executed at a fair price and best quality.

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For businesses that want to adopt an innovative, broad-reaching, and dominating approach to SMM

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Only the finest can be done – we provide full-service SMM packages to help you reach your objectives.

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About to start a digital journey? Don’t know where to start?

Get a FREE One-on-One Consultation

"Not only did Mark make it very easy for me, he extended me special care in taking me through the complete process and explained it to me in terms I completely understood. Mark knew I was very nervous about the new design of the site and as a result, not only did he make me feel very comfortable with everything, he made it very easy to understand how to make changes quickly and easily to the site. That really showed he cared about the customer and the job he is doing and that goes a long way with me"


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Our Approach

Our team at DIGITAL VASAI will create a social presence for your business that can help you connect with your public, highlight and promote your services or products, establish strong relationships with your followers and improve the amount of engagement. We offer a comprehensive Social Media Strategy for your business, from creating the concept or idea to establishing strong visibility and increasing your brand’s influence.

We begin the campaign by looking at the market, competitors, and the audience we are targeting and making sure that we are sending the right content at the right moment that will increase awareness and connect with your targeted audience. Our team increases the campaign’s reach naturally and through the use of pay-per-click features specific to networks through banner advertisements, Mails, etc. We design and create content that adds value for your customers and helps you build more engaged levels.

In the end, we make sure that we’re building the brand, increasing awareness, and making sure that our advertisers are located at first on the outcome page with the relevant keywords. This, in turn, will increase website traffic and leads, and conversions on the website!

Brand-Awarness Social Media Marketing Packages

Create Brand Recognition

Building brand recognition is among the essential goals in marketing for any business. This is because individuals prefer to purchase from brands they have a good relationship with. Social media, however, helps in making brand building easy and efficient.

Our social media campaigns to promote brand awareness have been a massive help to businesses in increasing:

Brand Equity

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Awareness At The Top

Genuine Followers


Customer Loyalty Towards The Business

Increases Sales

Research has proven that the use of social media is associated with a better close-to-leap rate than other marketing methods. With the increased exposure on social media platforms, your business has greater chances of converting potential customers into customers.

So, using social media in marketing could be highly beneficial to companies.

Driving conversions, the social method:

Social Media Advertising

Social Evidence

Optimization Of Landing Pages

Addressing Fears

Creation Of Content

User-Generated Content

Increase-Conversation Social Media Marketing Packages
Product Photography

Monitoring Success Using Analytics

Without tracker data, it is impossible to evaluate the success of your online marketing techniques.

Google Analytics is a terrific social media marketing tool that could aid you in evaluating the most effective marketing campaigns on social media and decide which ones need to be cut off.

You can track each social media site to find out the social media platform whose posts and content are the most effective for your followers.

To analyze platforms we offer:

Regular Social Audits

Overseeing Systems


Tracking Of User’s engagement

Social Listening


Enhance Inbound Traffic

If you don’t promote your business on Social Media, the inbound traffic is restricted to your existing customers. Only those familiar with their brand name and who are already familiar with the company will be searching for the terms you are being ranked for.

Social Media is an amalgamation of different kinds of people from different backgrounds and habits. Posting the content you want to share on social media will allow people to connect with your company organically.

Through social media to promote your business, it is possible to open your business to a more extensive range of consumers with various interests worldwide. Each social media account visit you receive serves as a link to your site, and each piece of content that you publish can be a chance to attract a new customer.

We drive traffic to your website by generating:

Content That Can Share

SEO Oriented Social

Amplified Content

Inspiring Visuals

Engagement Of The Audience

Social Promotion

Fresh-On-The-Screen Social Media Marketing Packages
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