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Enhance Technological Aspects On Your Website

SEO is only as good as the ability to implement it.

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Technical SEO Services

The primary benefit of having an Technical SEO optimized website is its greater capacity to create quality organic traffic. A well-performing website in the search engine and has been constructed according to SEO best practices will bring plenty of benefits tables for both the company and its users.

Websites contain many moving parts, and their success in site marketing relies on enhancing your website’s performance to be efficient, fast, and user-friendly.

One of these components is called technical SEO. It is a subset that is part of search engine optimization and it incorporates optimizing the structure of your business website.

It is crucial to implement technical SEO because it ensures that your site is simple to navigate and free of technical issues that hinder it from being viewed and considered with search engines. In short, it is essential to implement technical SEO to draw organic traffic and convert it into customers.

The Benefits Of Technical SEO For Companies?

  • Following Google’s best practices in website optimization.
  • A mobile-friendly site accessible from any device.
  • Ensure your site loads quickly for all users.
  • Make your site simple for engines to crawl and index, and rank perfectly.
  • Eliminating pop-ups and additional intrusive features that affect the user experience.
  • Make your website simple for users to navigate and locate the information they require.
  • Keep your website secure and safe.
  • Laying out a search-engine-friendly URL structure.
  • Removal of broken links and the 404 pages from your site.
  • The addition of structured data can enhance the way your website pages appear in results of searches.
  • Included is a robots.txt file that explains to the search engines what they should crawl.
  • The creation of a sitemap is a “roadmap” to your site to increase indexing.

Our technical SEO services provide an array of outstanding optimization techniques that make our SEOs enthusiastic. Our team of experts understands the subtleties of technical SEO, delivering the best results for your budget. With SEO services at a reasonable price that only Digital Vasai will provide, put your trust in our team to take your site to the highest step.

Performance on mobile Technical SEO

Audits Of Technical Sites

Dive into the technical aspects of your site deeply

Learn about the effectiveness of your site and identify areas to improve it by examining the technical aspects of your website. Our technical SEO audits cover numerous crucial checks such as:

Crawl Analysis

Performance On Mobile

Internal Link Structure

Page Speed

Sitemap XML


Site Architecture


Crawl-Related Errors

Image Optimization




Duplicate/ Plagiarized Content

Penalty Recovery

Have you received penalties?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with a different agency that did not follow the best practices, or you were unable to make it onto the results page due to unspecified reasons. Our expert SEO team has identified and successfully restored the image of many websites over the many years.

Recover Traffic Lost

Regain Top Rankings

Preserve Your Reputation

Regain top rankings Technical SEO
SEO benefits Technical SEO

Website Migration

Well-managed site migrations

The growth of businesses tends to evolve to new platforms for websites and domain names or move to secured browsing environments (HTTPS). The migration process can bring many potential issues that could affect your website’s performance and lead to your website is unable to attract traffic.

Proper execution of a site’s migration is essential to maintain the speed of operation.

Our team of skilled technical SEO experts has successfully transferred many websites. The advantages of using our team to migrate your site include:

Increase Domain Authority

Search Performance

Engagement Is Growing

SEO Benefits

Grow Mobile Audience

Secure Browsing (HTTPS)

Speed Optimization

No one would like to sit and wait for a lengthy load web page.

If your site loads at the opening, a speed tweak can help improve your search speed. Google has a long history of rewarding websites that load fast, especially mobile devices (AMP).

Let our expert team conduct speed tests on your website to assist in getting the ball rolling.

We’ll share our findings, as well as suggestions for actions to ensure maximum performance.

The speed Of Websites Is A Verified Ranking Factor

Enhance The Time To The First Byte (TTFB)

Reduce Bounce Rates

Speed Technical SEO
Mark-up Of Structured Data Technical SEO Ecommerce SEO Marketing Partner Program

Markup Of Structured Data

Enhance the excellent understanding of search engines about your website

Implementing structured data vocabulary can help define the web pages’ content to assist search engines in comprehending crucial details.

Using the structured data markup code for your website and our SEO technical work can improve search results. Enhanced search results result in an increase in visibility and a higher rate of click-through for your business.

SEO benefits

Help Google Understand Your Site

SERP Offers

Analysis of Competitors

Learn about your competition

Our SEO team put on their investigator hats, and we look at your competitors. We dig into the competitors ‘ online presence with a range of SEO tools from our analysis toolbox.

We get insights into your competitive niches and broad competitors at the local and national levels. All while analyzing a variety of checkpoints. Some of them include:


Technical Profile

SEO & PPC Strategies


Social Media Campaigns

Profile Of Backlink
Social media campaigns Technical SEO
The SEO benefit is increased Technical SEO

Image Optimization

The art and science of an optimized image

People prefer websites with images: it makes the content easier to understand and, let’s face the facts, nobody wants to sit and stare at a vast, intimidating block of text. 

If your images do not have proper optimizations, they aren’t offering the best user experience. We’re sure Google does not like this (they’re focused on a positive user experience, and so are we! ).

The SEO experts will review your photos and make them optimized to ensure Google’s pleasure.

Reduce Load Speed

Enhance Visibility

The SEO Benefit Is Increased

Web Accessibility

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks play a crucial part in determining the performance of SEO

Our backlink analysis offers a complete analysis of the backlinks profile by identifying the source of your links and which pages they lead. A thorough analysis of your backlink profile can uncover link-building opportunities, which can serve as a basis to develop an effective off-page search optimization strategy.

Remove Harmful Links

Link-Building Opportunities

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Backlink Analysis Technical SEO
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