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Website Designing Services

Digital Vasai is a digital creative agency; we focus on user-friendly design concepts and the latest technology. Design is essentially a core center of our efforts to communicate, emphasize and encourage user involvement. Our innovative design agency concentrates on providing innovative, top-quality services in UX design, branding, and advertising. We are also well known for providing website designing services for small businesses. 

If you’re looking for accessible WordPress website services to promote your business or an elaborate eCommerce site, our web development team will create your dream website. 

Our primary focus is being innovative and creative when drawing and generating imaginative strategies to outdo the competition.

wordpress Website Designing Services

WordPress Development

The simple-to-use and search engine-friendly flexible platform for development is utilized on more than 35 percent of websites. WordPress offers a user-friendly CMS or content management system (CMS) which allows you to modify your content on the fly.

Easy to edit

Search engine user-friendly

Highly customizable

The most loved CMS worldwide

Responsive Web Design

With more than 50% of the traffic to websites coming from a mobile device, designing an accessible mobile website is no longer an option but essential. All it takes is the responsive design of web pages.

Responsive web design enables your site to adjust and offer the best experience regardless of the device from which it’s viewed. It means that your site will look stunning and work perfectly for users who are using devices like desktop computer tablets, laptop computers, or mobile.

Every website created by Digital Vasai utilizes a responsive web design that adapts perfectly to any device the user is visiting it on.


The design for each device

Positive UX

Positive UX

Responsive Design Website Designing Services
woo commerce Website Designing Services Ecommerce SEO

WooCommerce = eCommerce

An adaptable eCommerce platform that offers easy integration to the WordPress website. WooCommerce allows you to sell on the internet all day long with a pleasant customer experience, unlike elsewhere.

Over 30 percent of the online stores

Based on WordPress

Simple store management

Optimization of E-commerce

Graphic Design

Your brand is brought to life. Our graphic designers are professional and can understand your brand’s personality and translate it into a visual design.

By carefully considering typography, color schemes, and fundamental design concepts, Our team will be with you throughout the way to the design of stunning and affordable graphic designs that you’ll feel proud to display on behalf of your company.

Logo design


Design of business cards

Ebook creation

Graphic Design Website Designing Services
Website Hosting Website Designing Services

Website Hosting

Our managed hosting services provide an affordable, flexible web hosting service that is tailored to your company. As your service provider, we’ll handle the daily operations of hosting: software updates and server management, as well as email hosting and support. Our team will take care of it all over.

Suppose you’re an eCommerce giant shop or a smaller local company. In that case, Our managed hosting service provides assurance and security and gives you peace of mind knowing that your site is managed professionally. In addition, by constantly reviewing our software and systems to ensure the safety of your website as well as the security of your personal information:

99% uptime

Daily backups

The secure data center

Shared & dedicated server solutions

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SEO Powered Website Designing Services

SEO-friendly website designs are a method to design and develop websites that are search engine user-friendly. SEO-friendly websites mean the website is designed so that Google or other major search engines can promptly crawl every page of the site. The secure data center understand the information effectively and store it in their database. Once they’ve indexed it, they’ll offer only the relevant and useful websites to their visitors according to the subjects they are searching for.

In the millions of users who utilize Google every day, only 5 percent of them go past the first page of Google SERPS It is essential to create and build an SEO-friendly site to boost organic traffic and achieve the first-page ranking on Google.

Website Structure Website Designing Services Ecommerce SEO


A simple-to-use, well-thought-out layout helps users and search engines can find the information they’re seeking.

Modern Coding Website Designing Services


Our fantastic web design and development team uses the most up-to-date programming techniques using clear HTML5 and CSS3.

Optimised Speed Website Designing Services


Speedy loading times = satisfied customers. Google has made it very clear that they prefer sites that respond quickly.

Mobile Friendly Website Designing Services


Our websites have been designed to appear and function perfectly on every device that the users view them on.


Amazing Fact

Website Design Influences Perceptiveness of 9 in 10 Users!

Web Design & Development Process

The process of creating a website is an exciting undertaking that requires brilliant minds and a great plan to complete. Our process starts with you. The person is the best at their job and has a clear vision for the project from the beginning.

We are a design and developer team that will become your team when we collaborate to design websites that foster expansion and enhance the online visibility of your business. We come in as the top web development service provider in Vasai-Virar.

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Marketing to Support Your Website Design

To be competitive in the present market, having the right website that helps your business’s online presence is an excellent place to begin. But to succeed requires a lot more.

Fortunately, we’re not only developers and designers, we are strategists, writers, and techs, all with the same result that is the success of our clients. As a full-service digital agency, we can create a custom website that is tailored to your specific requirements. Afterward, we will continue to work on marketing your website to help facilitate the growth and success of your company.

SEO Website Designing Services

If you’re trying to dominate your market online, you require web marketing companies and a thorough SEO strategy that produces results.

  • Ensure you are targeting the right traffic
  • Higher rank in search
  • Enhance your website
Copywriting Website Designing Services


Increase your visibility and control the conversation by implementing a strategy for content marketing that’s designed to achieve continuous expansion.

  • Establish authority
  • Enhance credibility
  • Give the customers with value.
Social-Media Website Designing Services

Social Media

Grow your reach and develop a following while connecting with your followers through the effectiveness of Social Media Advertising.

  • Increase visibility
  • Engage your audience
  • Growth across platforms
  • Cross-platform growth

Results-Driven Website Solutions

Your website has a range of things. It’s a great tool to enhance your online presence. It’s the first impression that you give to new visitors and a chance to show your worth and distinguish yourself from other websites.

This is why it’s crucial to make sure you have the right website designing and development services team to help bring your dream to life.

With Digital Vasai, web design is made simple. Our expert team uses effective web design solutions supported by the latest SEO methods to build a solid online presence for your company.

Get leads, increase conversions and expand your business by using website designing services that produce results.

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